Semester 2, Weeks 4 &5

Alright, I puttered around a bit more on my foot and generally shuffled my way through these past two weeks. As usual, here are the highlights, but this is a ‘let the pictures do the talking’ kind of post!

Cooking. I did a significant amount of it. Soup, pastries, mac and cheese… all just because I wanted a little bit of one or another. My ever hungry and reliable flatmates shouldered the burden of consuming everything I made, so nothing went to waste! I will probably stress bake some chocolate chip cookies later this week. I’ve gotta make sure we have enough milk to enjoy them though.

We managed to get a large portion of the cohort together for the Fantasy Party at Dram. On Monday the 6th we held a Reading Party at a nearby pub; you may remember Dram from a comedy show at the beginning of last semester. Anyway, the readings were by:

Caighlan, Bettina, Michael, Parinita, Ashley, Lucy/Ruth, Ruth, Thomas, Yours Truly, Nathan, Kat, and Ollie. Of these, Caighlan, Parinita, Ruth, and Ollie are all published authors and I recommend them! Here are some pictures from the night, though the room wasn’t really set up for speakers.


Harry Potter presentations on the 9th were FANTASTIC in every sense. Here’s a picture from Ingrid’s presentation about Harry Potter in translation. This is supposed to be a letter from Professor McGonagall. Look at the name!! I burst out laughing in class. Both Ingrid and Elena gave wonderful presentations. 20170209_112829

Back of 50p coin I found in my pocket after class. ❤ 20170210_115022

Meeting with Rob after class on the 9th went really well. Even though he’s on the top floor the skylight was worth it, and we got a chance to talk about my well received final paper from last semester and make a tentative plan for a dissertation topic! Rob in his natural habitat resembles my USA room so closely, but my Scotland bookshelves are definitely catching up! 20170209_13033820170209_13045120170211_13191420170212_145939

In other exciting news, we have a Nutribullet! Isn’t she pretty? Flora’s dad wanted his back, but Meg, Jafet, and I really do depend on it, so TADA! 20170211_131953

Reading Week is fortunately also RESTING week. For my ankle, at least. The news from my check up is that I really do need to keep up the babying of it for the full six weeks, and then gradually return to normal use. Inclines are definitely still problematic, so no walking to school for me yet!

Gotta go back to work now, midterms are due on the 20th! Send me good vibes ❤

xox C

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