Weeks 6&7

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well someone should remind the graduate programs here, ’cause I would’ve been fine with sending in pictures of my essay concepts instead of actually writing them. Week 6 was MIDTERMS, and week 7 was recovery!

Tuesday February 14: Valentine’s Day/ A Play, A Pie, and A Pint at Oran Mor! Meg was my flatmate date, and we went to Oran Mor to see Dirt Under the Carpet. The theatre at Oran Mor puts on a new show every week, all averaging about 45 minutes. Before the show starts you pick a meat or veggie slice of pie/quiche, a pint of your choice, and first come first served seating. We got there super early to get good seats, and I’m glad we did because just after I took these photos the place filled up and was definitely sold out.


These two ladies were the actresses of the play, and OH BOY, WERE THEY SCOTTISH. I love listening to the brogue. The play itself was really good, and I wish I could bring people to see it, but they’re already two shows onwards by now.


So Tuesday was my day out of the house, and I did not set foot outside the flat until Monday the 20th. Here are three pictures, spanning the 16th-18th.snapchat-575177883snapchat-665289365snapchat-887552279


AND THEN, FINALLY, THE PAPERS WERE SUBMITTED. I left the flat, fed myself real food, and saw my friends.



Ingrid, Beatrice, Kaitlin and I went to Brel on Ashton Lane. Ingrid, Beatrice, and I shared three bottles of wine, and Beatrice and I shared a fourth. Remind me down the road to tell my children that moderation is maybe sometimes a good idea. Whatever, we had fun and it was so nice to be amongst real people again!

On the way home from class on Tuesday February 21st, there were signs of Spring! It was cold, but the plants here don’t seem to be particularly bothered by a little bit of casual sleet. 20170220_15370120170223_13060420170223_130608At Glasgow Uni we are all crocuses trying our best right now.


Tuesday night was the first Scratch Night of the year at The Poetry Club. Some really cool acts this time, unsurprisingly, in particular a girl who did a loop pedal set and built her songs a cappella layer by layer. SO GOOD.


Also, I forgot to take a still photo, but that green train blows vapour from its smokestack, which is PARTICULARLY cool because the venue is under the train tracks.20170221_192932


Wednesday morning, February 22nd, was spent with the Fantasy cohort watching HP: PoA and eating the delicious sorting house cupcakes that Kaitlin made. Each cupcake had a different house colour of m&m’s in the middle. I think I was perhaps the only person who got her preferred house every time. 😀20170222_222334



Naturally, when I got home I needed HP:GoF, so I went for real food instead of additional cupcakes and settled in. To be fair though, if I’d HAD several more cupcakes, they would not have lasted me through the entire movie.



On Thursday, February 23rd, we had a Harry Potter evening in cooperation with the graduate Education students. Two Ph.D. students gave short papers on HP: PoA, and all in all it was nice, but the Fantasy cohort didn’t really jump into discussion because it felt like we’d already had this surface level stuff and were more interested in other things.

On Friday the 24th some new graphic tee’s arrived and I’m in love with them. A few more should be coming next week.





Because I had a terrible sleep schedule but an improved nourishment schedule, I’m obliged to post proof that I ate real food so that my mom doesn’t worry. Look mom, steak. protein. I’m a good girl.





FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE NOT BRITS, one of my favourite things is putting the word “cheeky” in front of things. Flora tells me to “give something a cheeky Google,” and I love it. As proof that it’s a thing, please enjoy this cheeky Tesco advertisement.20170220_134945


Saturday the 25th I went out for lunch and a wee shop with Meg. We went to Steak, Cattle, and Roll for lunch, and M&S for jeans for me and shoes for her.



Pulled pork sandwich with gem, onion, and sweet potato chips20170225_14115320170225_141041


Sunday was windy and rainy, and without good enough reason to go out, I stayed home and puttered about my room.

Monday the 27th was lunch with Beatrice and Kaitlin and then my 6 week Dr.’s appointment. We met at Montgomery’s which is right next door to Radnor Street Surgery, so it was the perfect spot to eat. 20170227_143925-120170227_11444320170227_13590120170227_13585820170227_11435120170227_121136Chicken Bacon Caesar sandwich on DELICIOUS store-made bread

Tasty cream and strawberry tart


Lunch was delicious, and fairly reasonably priced. I’m definitely looking forward to going back there to try other things.

Dr.’s appointment update. Alright. Well. Not great, but not the worst. Improvement, anyway.

My doctor is pretty convinced that not only did I sprain my tendon, I almost completely tore my ligament as well. What’s the bloody difference you ask? Well the U.S. National Library of Medicine says:

A tendon is a fibrous connective tissue which attaches muscle to bone. Tendons may also attach muscles to structures such as the eyeball. A tendon serves to move the bone or structure. A ligament is a fibrous connective tissue which attaches bone to bone, and usually serves to hold structures together and keep them stable. (USNLM)19089

SO that’s super. I’ve been given some balancing and stretching to do, and I have another appointment in FOUR WEEKS. Regarding the boot, I’m allowed to wear it only outside for the next week/ten days. Around the flat I’m supposed to leave it off.

By the end of two weeks I should wear normal shoes on both feet, and basically be done with the boot…but still not push it on inclines. I’m cleared to walk home from school starting this week, but not TO school because of the hills. At my next appointment he’ll decide if i need physio or anything like that. He says I’m doing about as well as could be expected due to his evaluation of the severity of the initial injury. I guess this whole semester is now given over to this inconvenience.

Coming up in the next two weeks i have my last Research Training Seminar (the 6 hour long one), another cohort movie morning, various outings with friends, a cohort member’s book launch, and normal class stuff. HOWEVER, on the horizon are two major deadlines. The 17th is the deadline for a rough dissertation abstract including a primary source bibliography. The 24th is the due date for final essays and THE END OF MY MLITT TAUGHT PORTION. How INSANE is that? Four more weeks of classes. Unfortunately finals are due the day after my last class. Instead of a ten day writing period we’re expected to churn out thousands of words and attend classes simultaneously. Wish me luck, I’ll likely get in an update around the 13th, and another around the 27th!


xox -C

4 thoughts on “Weeks 6&7

  1. Hi Carrianne! Grammy here. I’d love a May visit. I’ve read all your blogs and am up to date with all your adventures. Can’t wait to see you and hear more. Good news about your foot. Lots of love and see you soon! XXOO


  2. Loving the new T-shirts! When I’m not humming and hawing over dresses I’m doing the same over my vast t-shirt collection. The one with the holy hand grenade of St Antioch was a particular stand-out 😉


    1. ❤ ❤ Thank you! That's a favourite of mine as well. Unfortunately, when I asked my friend what size to get, she said XL without a second thought…. the shirts that came (including the St. Antioch one) are rather unflatteringly tight because she failed to mention that she hadn't ordered Ladies XL and it hadn't occurred to her to mention that. Anyway, they may be underlayers for now, and eventually part of a t-shirt quilt. 🙂


  3. Hi Carrianne , just catching up on your blog. It looks like you are having a mixed time. Hope the recovery process goes smoothly. I think the Scots refer to their manner of speech as a “burr”. Good luck on the finals and paper. I see you literally cut and paste.I thought that was old fashion. We expect a blizzard here on Tuesday. Be thankful of spring signs.It looks like a long way off back here in the USA.

    Love Granpa Jack


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