Weeks 10&11&12

March 13th was my 19th harp anniversary/birthday! Crêpes in the morning to celebrate, though I wish I’d been able to PLAY.


Tuesday the 14th was my first boot-free walking day. My ankle proved to be shaky but overall alright!


I wore my Spirited Away shirt to cheer myself up, but the rain snuck up on me and the shirt didn’t get its day in the sun. 20170314_131629Snapchat-280123896

On Wednesday the 15th I got the shirt below. I absolutely could not resist it. I feel entitled to all Weasley merchandise because of YEARS of playground type casting.


A few days later Kaitlin and I headed to the library to pick up some books for finals. Kate switched her topic to a different book and approach, so we were on the hunt for books that would help her. The view from level 11 is always fun to see.


On Monday the 20th I had a meeting with my AmFic teacher because I was hitting a wall. I’d managed to write my Fantasy paper over the weekend, so all of my focus was now on AmFic. At our meeting she reassured me that she could see a paper amongst my ideas, and she loaned me a few secondary source books. The following four pictures cover Monday and Tuesday… Snapchat-152635206020170320_151914Snapchat-1193700793Snapchat-1634612447

I was given permission to miss Tuesday’s class in order to work on my paper. It took until after class time on Tuesday for me to decide that one of my three texts was JUST NOT WORKING. I scrambled to figure out a replacement text and attempt to fit it into my sketchy outline.


The substitution was better, but by Wednesday night I was a mess. The last word in the picture below was supposed to be sloppy, but I think the mistake really brings the picture together.


FORTUNATELY, I managed to get both papers drafted with Thursday and Friday remaining. As per usual, the goal was to submit on Thursday night. I had my last Fantasy class on Thursday morning, and then I went out to tea with the girls. Truly a pleasant way to give myself the distance from the papers before final proofreading!



We had the place pretty much to ourselves, which is NOT usually the case, as Fika is really popular with new mothers…20170323_12302720170323_123021



NATURALLY, HOWEVER, immediately upon submitting I found at least two STUPID and easily fixable mistakes. Isn’t that always the way? Snapchat-1613799007

Over the weekend we had several LOVELY days in a row, and I took full advantage 🙂Snapchat-686923939Snapchat-715619313Snapchat-1662269216Snapchat-817941523

Kate and I went to the park on Saturday. The skate park was a hilarious mix of skater boys and children on scooters, and there was live music in the park as well! Snapchat-241127395


After returning home to decompress a little, Beatrice and Ingrid suggested we go out for dinner. After some searching we ended up at Bread Meets Bread. I got a kick out of the second offering in the Poutine section.20170325_19530420170325_19530820170325_19531120170325_200320

Sunday was another gorgeous day, and Meg and I snagged some sun in the backyard of the residences to read and relax.Snapchat-1165653577

That worked out so nicely we did it again on Monday the 27th! Snapchat-1485504368Snapchat-1157160028Snapchat-72338686620170327_10401220170327_15441620170327_16245720170327_162627

After most of a pitcher of Sangria, Meg was in full regal land-mermaid form. Snapchat-2092344759

I had to go in to get ready to meet Ingrid at the cinema, but the sun and sangria glow definitely stayed with me! Snapchat-679381831

Tuesday the 28th was exciting, because Kaitlin actually made a hair appointment and followed through! We went to Miu on Argyle Street, and were well taken care of. Here’s the transformation! Snapchat-149485970420170328_11152820170328_11164820170328_11264320170328_12123020170328_12123620170328_12125120170328_121254Snapchat-766288319Snapchat-47130865Snapchat-170676650Snapchat-13796527920170328_123752Snapchat-1746078910Snapchat-1161278752Snapchat-142640260320170328_13314720170328_13283120170328_13324820170328_121304Snapchat-1515642866

And then Wednesday the 29th and Thursday the 30th were GifCon at Glasgow Uni! More pictures can be found on my facebook.


One thought on “Weeks 10&11&12

  1. Hi Carrianne Great blog. Good to hear that you are walking around. Nice to see all the pictures. It looks like you are having a good time especially with the weather breaking for the better. Still winter here in the US. all of the snow is now gone but not by sunshine but rain and plenty of it.

    Sure an editor /professor is going to seek out typo’s. I bet you could pick out the ones he makes when he or she types ordinary mail. Johanna and I have fun seeing the menus.

    Keep well and take care of yourself. Lots of hugs too.PS I like the cartoon of you. Where did you get it and it is computer generated ?

    Another hug.

    Granpa Jack


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