July :)

July absolutely FLEW BY. Honestly, I’m so glad I managed some photos because the whole month sort of slipped through my fingers.

July highlights include, suitcase shopping and lunch with Ingrid and Beatrice, A trip to Oban and Seil with Beatrice, Ingrid’s Birthday BBQ, new mattresses, The Virgin Suicides and The Bling Ring with Meg, a trip to the A&E for Meg’s back the DAY BEFORE she left for Mexico, Dram! with Ingrid and Beatrice, Desserts with Ingrid, flowers that made me smile, re-writing my thesis, chop-shop thesis editing and restructuring, and beautiful days spent indoors writing.

The plan for my last 19 days in Glasgow are just to enjoy being with my friends, shipping stuff home, and submitting my thesis! Grandpa and Johanna will be in Edinburgh a few days before I leave, so I’ll get to have some family here in Scotland with me! Meg and I are heading to Edinburgh for a full day of Fringe shows as well, and I think we’re all talking about checking out Pride events the weekend I leave.

I really don’t want to leave. I want to be done with my paper, yeah, but I want to stay, and I want to walk/celebrate my graduation with my friends. Anyway, here’s a cheerful July album!

Once I get back to the states this blog will not be particularly active, but I’ll leave it up in case anyone who stumbles upon it has comments or questions!

xox -C

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