Okay, I know it’s August now, I know that. In my defence, writing a thesis AND trying to have fun leaves very little time for blogging.

The photo album for June includes music care of Awkward Family Portraits, a BBQ  with Ingrid, comedy night at Dram! with Beatrice and Ingrid, Sending Meg off to Vancouver, my dissertation symposium, intensive dissertation reading and outlining, BUYING A UKULELE, Queer Theory at Nice ‘N’ Sleezy, My trip to Mallaig and my ride on the Jacobite steam train, a piano and harp recital that turned out to be just piano, a gamelan workshop, a gamelan LESSON, a haircut, John showing off on guitar, and some quality Fika with Ingrid and Beatrice! 🙂

View it here!

xox -C


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