May 2017 Summary and Album Link

May Photo Album Hey everybody, I’m gonna try something different for photos this time around. As you can see, there’s a ‘May Photo Album’ link a few lines up. That ought to take you to a google photos album. So in the April post you were given the following preview: -Meg and Carrianne go to … More May 2017 Summary and Album Link


So, at the very beginning of the month, 2/5 of SQUAD arrived in Glasgow!! Kim and Chelsea flew all the way here to see me because they are WONDERFUL AND LOVING HUMAN BEINGS. FOLLOW THE LINK FOR SQUAD PHOTO ALBUM SQUAD IN GLASGOW April 1-8 2017 Basically we traipsed around Glasgow, averaging about 9 miles of … More April

Weeks 10&11&12

March 13th was my 19th harp anniversary/birthday! Crêpes in the morning to celebrate, though I wish I’d been able to PLAY. Tuesday the 14th was my first boot-free walking day. My ankle proved to be shaky but overall alright! I wore my Spirited Away shirt to cheer myself up, but the rain snuck up on … More Weeks 10&11&12

Weeks 6&7

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well someone should remind the graduate programs here, ’cause I would’ve been fine with sending in pictures of my essay concepts instead of actually writing them. Week 6 was MIDTERMS, and week 7 was recovery! Tuesday February 14: Valentine’s Day/ A Play, A Pie, and A Pint … More Weeks 6&7