So, at the very beginning of the month, 2/5 of SQUAD arrived in Glasgow!! Kim and Chelsea flew all the way here to see me because they are WONDERFUL AND LOVING HUMAN BEINGS. FOLLOW THE LINK FOR SQUAD PHOTO ALBUM SQUAD IN GLASGOW April 1-8 2017

Basically we traipsed around Glasgow, averaging about 9 miles of walking per day. The goal was to do all the free stuff, and spend our money on eating and drinking well, which we DEFINITELY accomplished. It’s generally more fun to spend the money on doing rather than on having. For that reason, among others, we also took a small bus tour into the Highlands so that the girls could show their parents THE Scotland scenery. We started in Glasgow and hit Glencoe, Fort William, Loch Ness, Inverness, and Pitlochry. Our driver was great and we got in a few additional stops at smaller sights. The best thing about our driver was that he was the animal whisperer. Honestly. We stopped before Glencoe and he called deer to him, and later on he called over a few highland coo’s as well. Absolutely what I wanted the girls to see.

As you may remember, prior to the girls arriving I had to submit my final papers and I attended the GifCon event, so once they left I was truly ready for some home vacation time. I still had my dissertation proposal to complete, so at least I had some daily structure. Once that was submitted, around the 18th my schedule slipped slightly into absurdity. I slept when I was tired and noodled about around meal times when awake, (honestly, it was delightful and I miss it).

I scheduled and purchased my August flight though, and that was sad. It’s STILL sad. I’m not super excited to move back to CT. Glasgow has been pretty good to me and I’m really going to miss the bits of life and relationships I’ve established here.

I’m going to miss hanging out with my friends, particularly. Ingrid and I have decided to make comedy at Dram! on Tuesday nights a regular thing. It’s a bit hit or miss because it’s supposed to be comedians trying out new material, and the audience sizes vary drastically from week to week, but it’s still a good atmosphere.

Beatrice, Kaitlin, Bettina, Ingrid and I often find ourselves (in various combinations) at a café called For Fika’s Sake, close-ish to my flat and owned/run by a friendly and fit young man. They have couches, wifi, tea, toasties, coffee, and cakes, so everybody has their needs met and we do (more or less) actually get some work done.

In preparation for being in CT in May, I was in contact with the Internship director at UB and the HR woman for GPS. The HR woman has apparently decided that she likes me enough to tell UB that Greenwich is HOLDING an internship placement for me, even before they have my formal application! That was really great to hear, and a needed ego boost about making the decision to return to the states to pursue a Masters in Education.

The program only allows 8 sick days though, and I’m using two of them practically right out of the gate. Caroline and Dave are getting married mid-September, and I just bought my bridesmaid dress!! I’m so freaking excited for them. I’m also INCREDIBLY impressed with how quickly, and seemingly unflappably, the two of them have pulled together their wedding planning. I know they had a marathon month where they really packed their planning in, but still. I’m in awe.

I’m also a bit in awe of Meg, whose final for Debating Dramaturgy 2 was a research trail…. which manifested as an pseudo archeological dig. We had a WONDERFUL field trip to IKEA, where we drooled over the double door fridges and lounged on various couches, and eventually got around to choosing a container for Meg to use. We had to pop next door to Dobbies for soil, and in a brilliant last minute move we decided to forego spending the money on a trowl and instead took the shovel out of a pumpkin carving kit! I’ll try to remember to let you know how that goes over. Personally I think it’s creative and hilarious, and I hope she does well on it.

Beatrice and I had a lovely park walk and café snack to close the month out 🙂 Looking forward to more days that just feel easy, ya know?

HERE ARE THE PHOTOS FOR Post-Squad April 2017

Your May preview includes:

-Meg and Carrianne go to the Spa

-Dissertation Supervisor assignment

-Carrianne returns to CT

-UB interview

-Avett Brothers concert

-Mom’s school concerts

-Catching up with family

-SQUAD time and Kimmy’s birthday

-GHS orchestra concert and my first look at the new auditorium. (IT SHOULD’VE BEEN BETTER FROM THE START)

xox -C

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